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How to Convert H.264 Video to other Formats

H.264 is a video codec standard, which is widely known for its superior compression efficiency. Most of video files created by camcorders, shown on HDTV channel or contained in the Blu-ray discs support this advanced format for assuring high quality in comparably much lower bitrate. Yet, there may be times when you would like to play these videos in your media player or want to upload them on YouTube and for that, you are required to convert this file into the desired format. Earlier, such a practice might be a problem, but thanks to the ArcSoft MediaConverter, you can easily accomplish this task without hassles.


H.264 converter from the ArcSoft not only helps you to convert H.264 files to other known formats but it also allows you to customize your video settings according to your preferences. All you need is to download H.264 converter from our official website and go ahead with the conversion proves.

Steps to convert H.264 using H.264 converter

Step 1Load files

Select the input file in a format that supports H.264 codec (such as AVI, MP4 or more) that you want to convert to other format by clicking the "video" icon on the left panel. Letts take H264 AVI file for example here.

H264 Converter

Step 2Video editing (optional)

If you wish to modify the video and want the changes to materialize in the resultant video file that you will get after converting it to the your preferred format then click the H264 Converter icon placed on the right of the video in the workspace.

H264 Converter

You can customize various features of the video, there are plenty of them available in the video editor such as dynamic lighting, denoise, color adjustment and so on. It also allows you to clip a particular section of the video that you want to customize by clicking H264 Converter and H264 Converter icons.

Step 3Selecting the output source

Next you can select the source format in which you want to convert H.264 file, say YouTube. Hence, what you need to do is to click the H264 Converter button and search for YouTube format in the search of the resultant dialog box.

H264 Converter

Step 4Start converting the H.264 video

As soon as you click the H264 Converter button to initiate the conversion process, the H.264 converter will ask you your YouTube username and password.

H264 Converter

After providing the desired information and clicking the "Login" button, you will be directed to the window where you will have to mention the requisite information related to the video such "Title", "Description", "Video Category", "Tags" and "broadcast options".

H264 Converter

Next, simply click "OK" button to move ahead for conversion. You will see the conversion process in the workspace.

This will be followed with the uploading of the video on YouTube.

Useful Tip:

If the process is a success then it will upload the video otherwise, in case the video is already there on YouTube then you will see the message like "XXX cannot be imported. Duplicate File Found". The video from H.264 AVI to YouTube will however be converted in MP4 format irrespective of the fact that it is uploaded on YouTube or not.

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