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Capture Moving Subjects

Capture Moving Subjects to Panorama

Have you gotten tired about shooting people posing for pictures with similar smiling on their faces? And when you're passing by a magnificent harbor in a train and you must be eager to capture the scene in your camera for best keeping in the future. Sadly it's difficult to shoot moving subjects (no matter it's the subject or the person who shoots that moves), especially when you want a good photo effect with the clearest quality.

Most photographers choose to go to software for help. It's good to make use of a professional camera and advanced photo editor to process your pictures that capture movement, or you can try a much easier way – ArcSoft Panorama Maker.

In this article we will offer you three useful ways to capture/process photos for moving objects. You can pick up a suitable one on the basic of your needs. Among them you will feel with ease to shoot moving things to panorama with wonderful panorama software Panorama Maker.

Part 1Capture Movement and Process with Panorama Maker

With the help of an ordinary digital camera you can realize the dream of saving moving things in good quality. And it never costs you much time. A brief tutorial is below.

1.Use the video recording function in your digital camera to shoot videos for your moving subjects. If you have a camcorder or a flipvideo, use it.

(In step 1 you should remember: shoot from all of the angles of your subject in its different parts so that you get the best effects).

2.Import your videos into Panorama Maker.

Capture Moving Subjects

3.Stitch a panorama from your inputted video and save it.

Capture Moving Subjects

Nowadays most digital cameras own this feature, and now their recording quality are good to keep for memorizing. Today the new feature of ArcSoft Panorama Maker even enables you to output your photos in 3D, thanks to their independently-developed advanced Sim3D technology.

Capture Moving Subjects

The video clip above is captured in vertical movement, so the software comes up a slim photo for the scenes.

Part 2Take Photos Directly for Movements and Enhance Them

If you do not have camcorders or recorder-featured cameras at hand, it doesn't matter. You can utilize professional after-effects skills to enhance your photos for moving things. Generally people use sharpening tools and the like to emphasize main objects and blur the unimportant things.

Part 3Make Use of a Good Camera with Fast Shutter Speed

It's perfect that you have a camera with a fast enough shutter speed to capture whatever you want to shoot. Don't move your hands when shooting because even a little shake will damage your photography. However, it is not suitable for cases when you are moving and your subjects are still.

In the latter two cases, you can use Panorama Maker to stitch your photos for moving subjects together, too.

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