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Panorama Photo Enhance

How to Enhance Panorama Photos with Panorama Maker

We always consider how to enhance photos, like add some special effects, change color tone. When it comes to panorama photos, things changed. There're little programs can both stitch photos as panorama and enhance them like a good photo editor does. You have to make a panorama out of several pictures, save it, and find an editor that support it and edit it then. What a trouble!

ArcSoft Panorama Maker is such a program that combines panorama stitch and panorama photo improve within one. All of the tasks are done in one program, your homemade panorama looks like a photo studio styles that never let you down.

Panorama Photo Enhance

Why we choose to liven up our panorama photos? They are big in size (compared to other photos) and are used to describe our subjects as accuracy as possible. Photos are taken under the influence of changeable conditions, and we need to enhance them aiming at reconstructing the sceneries to their true color.

1.To take a look at what you have made, you can change the preview size: fit-in and actual size in on the top or move the slider to zoom in and zoom out.

2.You can enhance panorama photos with straighten/brightness/contrast settings. Just move the small slider to reach your demands.

Panorama Photo Enhance

3.Manual stitch is offered in case that you're not satisfied with the auto stitch result. There're two ways to manual stitch: align points, and adjust blend.

Panorama Photo Enhance

Tips: Smart panorama recognizing system will always stand by and examine your adjustment. He will tell whether your adjustment is correct or not on the basis of auto analyzing features. So it will never deliver a distortion result even if you are using manual modes.

Panorama Photo Customize

Beside the panorama enhance area, as the figure shows above you can hit the big button "Order Panorama". In previewing window move the highlighted area to define what you want to order as a panorama work. Add polish to your panorama with provided matte, glossy, and metallic effects, also you can choose a panorama paper size.

Panorama Photo Enhance

Tips: ArcSoft Panorama Print Center is a professional service for you to print good quality panoramas. You will find whatever you need in it and never worry about panorama size, shape, effects, printing quality, paper quality and the like with the help the experienced experts in ArcSoft Panorama Print Centre.

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