How Can I View the 360 Panorama on PC
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View 360 Panorama

How to View a 360 Degree Panorama Photo on PC

Do you know what a 360 panorama is? In brief it is panorama photo that shown in 360 degree to deliver a lifelike presentation. You may have already taken a group of wonderful photos and have tried to stitch them into panorama with proper programs like ArcSoft Panorama Maker. However, do you know how to view them in 360 degree manner with Panorama Maker and how to take a look at them without launching the software?

Generally speaking, you can view a 360 panorama in three ways: preview in Panorama Maker's embedded 360 panorama viewer, save it as a .mov file and check it with QuickTime, or embed it into a web page to view after you export the panorama photos in Flash.

This copy provides you informative tips about how to view 360 panoramas in the solutions we mentioned, and the built-in panorama viewer things in Panorama Maker.

Part 1Use Panorama Maker to Have a 360 Panorama View

This is the easiest way to view a 360 panorama. Because it only needs you to apply one program to make and view photos. After you have finished your great panorama works, you hit "Preview" button below and enter previewing mode.

View 360 Panorama

Then it comes to full-screen preview. You can switch viewing between ordinary panorama photo and 360 degree panorama with the setting in the red triangle below.

View 360 Panorama

To view around the 360 panorama you should move the mouse curse with keeping left button down. Isn't it easy and awesome?

Part 2Other Methods to Have a 360 Panorama View

If you want to keep your panorama photos in local file folders and view it from time to time, there's another way to try. Save your panorama photos with Panorama Maker in .mov format (QuickTime format) and view it with Apple QuickTime software.

View 360 Panorama

PTViewer is also supported as an output format in Panorama Maker. And embedding panorama photos into a web page and play back it as a Flash is an alternative.

Tips: In Apple QuickTime player you can view 360 panoramas in the way we mentioned above in Part 1, the way we preview photos in ArcSoft Panorama Maker. Here we save panoramas as .mov format, which is also a video format developed by Apple. Inc. The QuickTime player is exactly the one we usually play back videos on Mac OS.

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