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View Photos in 3D with Panorama Maker

We are always to follow the trends, and now it's time to 3D. Camcorders and cameras are rushing to release new features of 3D photo capturing; 3D glasses have also become popular. But how can I view these 3D photos? What if I don't have any 3D media devices?

In ArcSoft Panorama Maker you need to input your photos in 2D at first. The program will then present these ordinary photos in unusual 3D way and allows you to output them in 3D image format. The whole process seems like you are making a 3D picture from 2D ones, all you need is only such a magic program.

As for those pictures that are already captured by 3D cameras, for instance, Fiji 3D camera, what to do next is viewing it in some 3D photo viewers.

This article mainly talks about how to view panorama photos in 3D with wonderful Panorama Maker and how to view photos in MPO (3D image format) with proper 3D photo viewer.

View 3D Panoramas in Panorama Maker

  1. Firstly, you need to check your computer hardware, to make sure that your graphics is good enough to view 3D images. Because once you put 2D photos into Panorama Maker and make them to 3D, the photos are real 3D ones that need hardware support to a certain degree.
  2. Panorama Maker 6 is the new version and the only version that enables you to view 3D pictures till now, in Panorama Maker family. It will not work well in Windows XP OS and the below.

    View 3D Photo

  3. Before you preview a 3D panorama, you must stitch some ordinary photos together. And don't remember to adjust 3D settings before preview.

Tips: The four 3D formats that Panorama Maker supports are: pageflip, line interleave, checkerboard, and anaglyph. You can watch the panorama being auto playing back in 3D with a pair of red-blue glasses or an observation mirror.

View 3D Photo

And you can output them into .mpo format, which is applied in some 3D cameras. It even enables you to adjust offsets and depths. Nobody will find out it was made by software, right?

How to View 3D MPO Files

Apart from ArcSoft Panorama Maker, some 3D photo editor and 3D animation maker can recognize 3D pictures. For MPO ones, you can utilize programs like MyfinePix, stphmare, and 3Ds Max.

Here are the 3D panorama effects in ArcSoft Panorama Maker; checkerboard and slide mode is used.

View 3D Photo

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