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How to Make a 360° Panoramic Photo on Mac/Windows

360° panorama is a 360-degree field of view or representation of a physical space, with the viewer feeling like standing in center of the virtual place and looking all around, especially in photography.

When exposed in beautiful natural scenery, you are probably eager to capture the whole items and details in front of you. In normal circumstances ordinary digital cameras and smart phones are available at hand. They do not have the ability to catch 360 degree panoramic photos, though. Panorama Maker is an easy and fast solution to get 360° panoramas with your common cameras or mobile phones. ArcSoft also provides Panorama Maker Mac if you are using Mac OS.

Before that, shoot the scenes from different horizontal angles at your location (at least 6 photos), and make sure there is some overlap between the images so they can be stitched with no missing pieces. Here we provide you with detailed directions on how to make 360° panoramas on Windows for instance. If you want to make 360° panoramas on Mac, follow the same steps. Then all you need is to free download Panorama Maker:

Step 1Import photos into the program

Launch the program and directly drag the photographs into the workspace, select all images and choose "360°" as the stitching mode, then click the Make 360 Panoramas icon. You can add to favorite photos or batch renaming them before selecting the pictures that belong to the same scenery. All images that make up a surround-view photo can be automatically recognized, carefully organized by the magic application.

Make 360 Panorama

Step 2 Stitch photos to produce a 360-degree photography masterpiece

Drag and drop the thumbnails to change the order of the pictures if necessary, press "Stitch" button when ready. A high quality 360° panoramic artwork will be made in seconds.

Make 360 Panorama

Step 3 Save the panorama or print it instantly

For a better viewing effect, it's best to save the panorama as "*.mov" or "*.htm;*.html". Of course, it also provides some other functions like editing, printing. You can enhance your panorama making through adjusting brightness/contrast, adding frame, or cropping. Convenient print function allows you view the actual effect any time.

Make panorama

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