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360 Virtual Tour

Tips You Should Learn about 360 Virtual Tours

The 360 virtual tours is a way to show 360 panoramas of a group of different small spaces. For instance, you're on a luxury cruise liner, and each of its rooms and equipments is must-see subject in 360 degree. How to combine all of these 360 panoramas together and make viewers feeling like being in person? That's 360 virtual tours.

Virtual tour is currently widely adopted on tourism/camcorder/computer games websites to show people into buying their products.

Considering its lifelike effects, this presentation method ranges over on real estate industry and is called as real estate virtual tour.

With the help of great panorama software ArcSoft Panorama Maker you can easily capture and enhance panoramas of every part of the whole virtual tours, in 360 degree. And the program enables users to preview 360 panoramas with its in-built viewer. So you can handle each unit of 360 virtual tours with no hassle, no matter you're planning for real estate virtual tour, or other virtual tours.

Now let's discuss the 360 virtual tours in depth. Firstly we talk about virtual tours, and then 360 virtual tours.

Part 1What is Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is composed of many still photos or video frames to present an overall view for each angles of the subjects, usually a building having different parts, or beautiful landscapes with dissimilar view-angles. People create the photos with camera and lens being rotated around what is referred to as a nodal point (the exact point at the back of the lens where the light converges).
The first use of virtual tours dates back to 1994, when a museum tried to make its tourists feeling like going back to an England castle in 1550. Lifelike virtual tours immediately attracted people and became more and more popular from then on.

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Part 2360 Virtual Tours

The virtual tours applied in the museum visitor interpretation were in three dimensions, and it was different from 360 virtual tours anyway. 3D ones only make you believe that you're in a tridimensional world which is so closed to our real life, for the objects are not painted on paper. While 360 degree virtual tours enable you to look around the whole scenes in whatever angle you want. Via mouse curse you can switch view angles (including those over your head and under your foot), pan and zoom, go to another room in the way you're right there by yourself.

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There're many ways to let you experience the 360 virtual tours. ArcSoft Panorama Maker's embedded 360 panorama viewer is an economic choice. The software is available both on Windows and Mac OS.

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