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Make Flash Panorama

How To Make Flash Panoramas on Mac/Windows

Introduction to Flash and Flash Panorama

As a multimedia platform developed by Macromedia, Adobe Flash has long been a popular method that used for adding animation, video, and interactivity to web pages.And now it's commonly used in developing RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) like flash panorama player.

A Flash VR(Virtual Reality) Panorama is usually used to show a virtual scene in 360-degree field of view, with the feeling like standing in the center of the environment and looking around. To export the panorama to flash VR on Windows or Mac, just free download and install Panorama Maker(Panorama Maker for Mac version is available):

Step 1Import the files into the software

Import a group of photographs to the workspace. You'd better to take a 360-degree shot of the environment. Selete the "360°" stitching mode and click the panorama vr flash icon to stitch.

panorama vr flash

Step 2Start the stitching progress

After that, stitch photos together to a panoramic image. Above the workspace you can view the imported photos, drag and drop the thumbnails to change the order if necessary. Then click "stitch" when ready. If there are many large size images to be processed, the stitching process would be more slowly than usual and all you need is patience.

panorama vr flash

Step 3Opt the output format

Finally, export the panorama to flash. Choose "PTViewer(*.htm;*.html)" or "Flash(*.htm;*.html)" as the output format ,it depends on the installed browser plug-in. You also can preview the resulting with the inbuilt flash viewer.

panorama vr flash


PTViewer is a java applet that can be used as a viewer for panoramic photos and latest version is 2.8. Above are the steps on how to make flash Panoramas on Windows. You can follow the same directions if you are using Mac OS.

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