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How to stitch photos into a panorama

How do I stitch photos into a panorama?

Limited by the camera and shooting conditions, you couldn't take the whole vast landscape as one photo and had to take several pictures. When you organize the photographs and want to restore the original scene, the problem is how to stitch photos into a panoramic photo? You can manually stitch consecutive photos together using an image editing program, but it can take a lot of time and expertise with the software to get seamless results. Is there any affordable panorama photo stitching software that can replace doing the complicated editing yourself? Yes, ArcSoft Panorama Maker makes photo stitching automatic and creates stunning panoramas quickly on both Windows and Mac OSX computers, which is a panorama software for both professionals and beginners.

Step 1 Import your pictures to Panorama Maker

On the left column, you can access to your entire file folder structure.


Step 2 Auto-select by group and five stitching modes

Don't waste time picking similar photos you want to stitch one-by-one from lots of irrelevant photos. Just click on a photo and the closest matching ones can be selected with "Auto Group" immediately.

Five photo stitching modes are provided to cover all image arrangement possibilities.


Step 3 Automatic stitching of photos

Click the "Next" button, within a few seconds all the consecutive photos are stitched into one panorama. All the cropping, aligning and color matching is done automatically.


Step 4 Add a frame and title

Click the "Frame" button to enter the edit page. Add a frame and title to enhance your panorama.

Stitch Video Panorama

Step 5 Save, export or print

You can save and export instantly or print your awesome panoramas using your local printer and then share with your friends.

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