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Stitch video frames

How to Stitch Video Frames for Fun on Mac/Windows

Generally we make panoramas with photo shoots but have you imagined creating a fantastic panoramic image with video frames? Using videos in Panorama Maker sounds like a rather cool idea, actually, when the camcorder moves, a series of images than can be stitched to make up a scene. It's very difficult to take a photo of an entire play when watching a football match so we use video to record that, since we can create panoramas from videos with Panorama Maker, the resulting would be an absorbing artwork. If you are Mac users, feel free to try Panorama Maker for Mac. Follow the instruction on Windows, and you can take it for reference if you need to stitch video on Mac:

Step 1 Import the video frame for stitching

Open Panorama Maker and drag the video into workspace directly, the program also can automatically identify the media files in folders.

Stitich Video Panorama

Supported video formats:
*.mpg, *.mpeg, *.avi, *.mov, *.mts, *.mp4, *.m2ts

Step 2 Stitch the video frame in a few seconds

In accordance with the default stitch mode, click "Next" to enter the stitching interface. Just playback the video and click the Stitch video frames icon when you think it's ready.

Stitch video frames

If you don't do any operation and go into the video stitching process, Panorama Maker will handle the entire video rapidly.

Stitch Video formarts

Step 3 Get a fascinating artwork and share for fun

lick the /save-icon.jpg icon and select the output format you preferred. You've just learned how to extract images from a video, although the images are of lower quality than photos and sometimes it looks blurred, it's really amusing when creating panoramas in hiding.

Stitch Video Panorama

Well, everything is done. You've just learned how to extract images from a video, next show the amazing creation to your friends and find more fun!

Stitch Video Panorama

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