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Add Film Effects

How to Apply Various Film Type Effects to Photos on Windows/Mac

Have you ever been surprised by the amazing photo effects in those posters? You hold on your own camera and can hardly find anything different in your pictures from other homemade ones. Those wonderful days in which you can develop films with skills and create brilliant photos by films never went back. Do you miss them? Now you can add film effects to photo with the help of ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 , a smart photo editor; or add film effects to photo on Mac with ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 for Mac.

In PhotoStudio you can edit photos like people used to develop a various type of films, in order to get sparkling flexible photo effects. What you can do is: apply color positive/negative film, black and white film, cross processed film, etc.

Now follow us to start your own darkroom service.

Step 1Choose a photo and the Magic-Film effect

Find a photo you want to apply Magic-Film effect through "open" button on the top bar. Then your photo will be shown in the center of editing area. Navigation to "Effects" -> "Magic-Film".

Add Film Effects

Step 2 Set Color Rendition Profile and Modes

There will pop up a window for you to focus on film effects selection. You can use Color Rendition Profile to select the most appropriate film category and its relevant film type in the drop-down list. For Color Modes, You can adjust Contrast, Saturation, and Special color effects there.

Add Film Effects

Add Film Effects

Step 3Set the Film Grain preference

Below the color profile and color modes, you're enabled to apply different film grain with flexible intensity and size adjustment. The best way is to zoom in the photo (the software will fit in previewing window by default) before you choose a grain; it will let you focus on details and be more accurately. Hit the two magnifier-shaped buttons to zoom in and zoom out.

Add Film Effects

You can refer to the tutorials on the top-right for more details in this step.

Then your photo becomes totally outstanding and memorable than before, right?

Tips: The Magic-Film effects is nowadays popular as a manner to dates back to old days and make our photos to be similar with the ones shot long time ago. You can apply this effect to newly-produced pictures and cherish the past. Or you can pretend those photos to be captured by your favorite old camera. A similar manner is used in movie production especially in the scenes of memories and history.

All these film effects are included in the ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac. If you are a Mac user, Enjoy different film effects with your photos after the Mac version being installed. The applying process of Magic-Film is similar.

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