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Magic Cut to Remove Image Backgrounds

Remove Background from Photos Magically on Windows/Mac

Our photos captured from cameras reflect the most original view to its best. But sometimes we would like to add some spice onto them, or we need to edit with several photos in order to create a totally new one with our wonderful creativity. We like to cut up one object from a photo and paste it to another one like we're doing paper-cut. So we need a program that can do "magic cut" either on Windows or Mac.

ArcSoft PhotoStudio is the image editing software can extract objects and remove background from photos accurately. Its new feature "magic cut" can recognize any strange shaped objects on photos; all you need is to draw several simple circles around the object with mouse. Need to remove image background on Mac? ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac , equipped with "Magic Cut" as well, can cut the image backgrounds on Mac for you.

Think what you can do, cut any object from any photos and combine them to pictures freely! What are you waiting for? Follow us to learn how to do magic cut with charming software PhotoStudio. (Magic-Cut on Mac process is similar, so you can also refer to the below guide.)

Step 1Choose Magic Cut in PhotoStudio

FOpen your photo in ArcSoft PhotoStudio. Move to the top bar and choose "Effect -> Magic-Cut". Your photo will be magic cut in a pop-up window.

Magic Cut to Remove Image Backgrounds

Step 2Define what you want to remove/extract

In this window we can use "Foreground Brush" to define the exact item we would like to cut and with "Background Brush" to define those area to be removed. Just draw some line to surround the item, and a larger circle around to show background area. You can choose mask color and brush size. Then press "Fine Tune" button.

Magic Cut to Remove Image Backgrounds

Step 3Fine Tone to improve your object edges

You can use "Add Edge Detail" tools to set object and background color or to make the edges smoother. We usually define the edge of object to keep as "Object" color, so that you will never erase the object in part when doing fine adjust. After you have finished, just hit the big "Cut-It-Out".

Magic Cut to Remove Image Backgrounds

Now check our final result. We can enhance it with other tools if you like. I only spend about 1 minute to cut it off. If you exercise more, you can combine these items to make a picture in half an hour.

Magic Cut to Remove Image Backgrounds

Tips:With PhotoStudio you can add and remove each object respectively when you're creating a new picture, as long as you put them on different layers.

Note: if you are a Mac user, you can still extract images magically like this after downloading and installing the Mac version. Just find "Magic-Cut" from the menu of PhotoStudio for Mac and start.

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