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How to Edit and Print Photos with ICC Profile on Windows/Mac

When printing photos, we need to make use of a printer which is a kind of computer peripherals. During this necessary conversion process, the information for original photo color can be redefined by the color system of the printer, the same case occurs when we use a scanner to import pictures, unless we print photos via some programs such as ArcSoft PhotoStudio 6 that can correct the color bias. If you are using Mac OS X, you can also print photos on mac with ICC profile by ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac .

In fact, each photo importing and exporting device will do some adjustments to color system more or less. Those serious deviations are usually due to differences among printer modules, color toners, and personal settings. So it's not always the printer's faults that make your photos ugly or out of your expectation.

We can avoid this by utilizing the ICC profile. It is a set of data that characterizes a color input or output device, or a color space. This profile is defined by a widely-accepted International color standard. Now follow the remaining article to learn how to print photos with ICC profile. (The guide can be both referred for Windows and Mac users except the pictures are for Windows.)

Step 1Choose to print a photo after edit

WWith PhotoStudio's abundant color enhancing tools, you can freely edit your photos to your own preferred color tone, color balance, etc. Then go to "File"-> "Print". Don't worry about the color distortion, the editor produces photos exactly what you want in editing process.

Print Photo

Step 2 Customize Printer Profile with ICC

There will pops up a setting box for you to customize printer color profiles. You can either employ the default printer profile or standard ICC profile. The software also allows you to import a variety of ICC profiles as these files can be generated by yourself in advance.

Print Photo

Below the custom ICC profile selection box, you're free to choose Intent with your preference.

Step 3Preview/Select print solutions to finish

Expect for the color profile we mentioned above, PhotoStudio editor integrated printer selection, paper customization, and print size with photo position settings together for you to print photos in one step.

Print Photo

Besides, you can switch between "portrait" and "landscape" according to your photo subject. Press "Print" button after you have finished setting these. You can preview the photo color effects before print it out in the previewing window, in order to save your time and print materials as well.

Printing photos with ICC profile on Mac is also available, either select the default ICC profile or use your own custom ICC profile.

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