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Remove Digital Noises

Remove Digital Noises for Higher Photo Quality on Window/Mac

Noises mean "unwanted sound" in originally. Sometimes our digital cameras are interrupted by external electronic signals, which result in spurious and extraneous information in photos; this phenomenon is unwanted digital photo noise. Photos that have digital noises seem like being mucked up and blurred by some tiny little spots.

When we view those hi-def photos on computers, usually it's hard to find the photo noises when the photos are zoomed out. If you zoom in the

picture and check in real size, then you find it's very necessary to fix grainy pictures.

Currently we have great photo editors like ArcSoft PhotoStudio to help us remove those annoying digital noises. Or if you are using Mac OS X, ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac is also available for you to reduce photo noises on Mac. What we care about is how to remove digital noise easily and quickly, and of course, with the best effects on Windows or Mac. The following guide will show you for the Windows version. To denoise image on Mac, the steps are almost the same.

Step 1Check photo noise in the editor

Open a photo in PhotoStudio and check it by zooming in it. Move the picture in editing window to have a view all over the picture. The noisy points are always full of these images.

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Step 2Fix grainy picture with Auto De-Noise

Use Auto De-Noise tool in PhotoStudio to remove digital noises. Go to top bar "Enhance" -> "Auto De-Noise" and the editing program will enhance those noisy point for you in a snap.

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Step 3 Enhance your photos after removal

After remove noisy points using the auto filter, you'd better make use of a sharpen tool to enhance images. You can either sharpen image directly or utilize the "Unsharp Mask" to slightly sharpen the picture several times in order for a more natural result.

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Besides, if you are not satisfied with photo's color, or to make noise removal to be more accurate, it is recommended to adjust color balance with CMYK and tone balance in PhotoStudio editor. What's more, you can choose a part of picture with area selection tools to define where to de-noise alone. In common cases, we choose to masking out those brighter parts.

After De-Noise:

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Tips: You can do more adjustment after removing noisy points like enhance color tone, add some special effects and patterns to make your photo more outstanding from common. However, the key principle is, do not forget adjust color balance before de-noise, if you want to adjust it in the whole process. It will affect the final photo effects greatly, so don't do that after you've removed the digital noises.

You can also refer to the guide above if you intend to reduce noises on Mac OS X with ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac.

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