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Retouch Eyes in PhotoStudio

Four Essential Eye Beauty Tips with PhotoStudio

"Eyes are windows into the soul". Yes, eyes undoubtedly have a lot to do when it comes to getting your best looks in your photographs. You can have a good sleep before shooting for eye enhancement. Beautiful, bright and shiny eyes in your photographs with the help of ArcSoft PhotoStudio not only make you look beautiful but also add life to your photographs.

PhotoStudio 6 is a powerful and brilliant image editor that helps its users effortlessly enhance, manage, and print their digital photos. In this article, we will put forward a few amazing tips that one can use to add more life to the eyes in photographs. By learning techniques to retouch eyes in PhotoStudio, you can actually enhance eyes as well as your complete look and appearance. PhotoStudio for Mac does the same excellent job with Windows version, and will definitely bring your Apple image processing performance into perfect.

Step 1Brighten eyes to add polish to your photo

Since it is believed that your eyes represent your soul, most of us must be having really dull souls. This is because often we get see photographs, where our eyes speaks nothing at all and come out as dull and bored. Hence, with PhotoStudio 6, you get a chance to liven up your eyes. You can define your eye edges or let the software to decide and then make your eyes much brighter and very natural. Believe it or not, you will become much younger as long as you use this "Brighten Eyes" tool. You can define intensity of brightening as well.

eye beautify

Step 2Kill the flaws with under eye enhancement

PhotoStudio gives plenty of choices when it comes to make your eyes more vivid. The job can be done in just a couple of minutes. Brush the area under your eyes and create new for this part with simple and easy drag-and-drop tool. That's the fastest access to kill a black eye and retouch your eyes in photos.

eye beautify

Step 3Enhance eyes edges – perfect eyes with great care

As you have defined your eyes edges before edit, the program can do its best to make your eyes be closed to what exactly you hope for your eyes. PhotoStudio accurately sketches out the outline and carefully enhance eyes to make it more attractive and powerful. Even if you zoom in the photo, your eyes still have a magic power to draw people's attention. That's what you can do with "Enhance Eyes Edges" feature.

eye beautify

By the way, PhotoStudio 6 (Windows and Mac OS available) gives you the ability to get rid of that red eye problem without changing the original color of your iris with auto red eye removal option.

Now for this ultimate, natural look, normally a person will look for good make up, right light arrangements and a good camera handled by an experienced photographer. And there's more. And there's more. In this highly advanced and technology-driven world, one cannot think of getting beautiful, magical pictures without the help of intelligent and feature-rich photo editing software, in order to enhance your eyes color, edges greatly. Start your facial with ArcSoft PhotoStudio or ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac now!

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