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LOMO camera Effects

How to Apply Toy Camera/LOMO Effects to Your Photos on Windows/Mac

Once in the Red Soviet, people produced a kind of camera, which costs less money than common ones in that time, so that everyone including the poor could own a camera by himself. Considering the low costs, this camera featured in smaller lens aperture, which resulted in a phenomenon on photos captured by it: Those photos' edges shade off gradually, i.e. vignetting. The specific photography style was then named after the camera LOGO: LOMO, and nowadays LOMO camera effects or Toy camera photography effects become popular as a kind of art.

We can add vignetting lens effects to our digital photos with some photo editors on Windows or Mac, such as ArcSoft PhotoStudio and ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac. It features in the sleek new "Toy Camera" effects with photo vignetting in order to customize the photos approximately to LOMO photography. You can either apply on Toy Camera effects on Windows or Mac easily

Below is a step-by-step tutorial for you to edit photos like capture them by Toy Camera lens.

Step 1 Open original photo and move to LOMO vignetting

Open the photo in PhotoStudio and choose "Toy Camera" from "Effects" drop-down menu. Vignetting tools is the main feature of toy camera functions. You can add these LOMO effects to photos in a separated editing window.

toy camera effects

Step 2 Set Vignetting Round and improve with Magic Blur

Move the slider "Round" to set the vignetting area on photos. Usually we will make sure of the main object in one picture, and adjust the round size to just surround it, aiming at emphasize it. This is especially useful when you have more than one item in photo. In "Magic Blur" you can adjust intensity and center range of vignetting edges. Above the photo you can zoom in and zoom out for your convenience.

toy camera effects

Step 3 Retouch photo with other LOMO effects

You can change contrast, saturation, lens filter, and camera style to enhance photos to the most approximation style in your heart. Personal suggestion is, the "Cross Processed" style is wonderful.

toy camera effects

Our "before and after" comparison is below:

toy camera effects

It is hard to say which photo is better, it is a photo process, not improve, whose final result seems apparently better than before in "Face Beatify" of ArcSoft PhotoStudio. Whether the result is remarkable or not depends on your aesthetic standard in fact. But there's one thing is sure, if you like photo vignetting, and if LOMO is your faves, then ArcSoft PhotoStudio must suit you well.

Tips: Something in ruins is OK to be processed as vignetting photos, as well as those still life pictures. People utilize the effects in conjunction with the items in lens to indicate something they have lived through, or something worth being memorized. They are generally a kind of feeling, and can be understood differently by different person.

For Mac users, Toy Camera effects are also equipped in ArcSoft PhotoStudio for Mac. Enjoy your editing process by applying LOMO camera effects on Mac, Vignetting, blur, and showy color etc. The steps are similar to this one.

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