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Make AVCHD Disc

Make Marvelous AVCHD Movies on DVD with ShowBiz

Cameras and camcorders become more and more powerful and they capture scenes even better than your naked eyes. As a result, you tend to choose shooting hi-def AVCHD videos and burn them to discs. The only problem is how to make AVCHD movies on DVD while keeping their video quality instead of convert them into other interior formats.

ArcSoft ShowBiz is the one to realize your dream. It is the video editor who reserves your movies to the maximization during the whole editing and burning process.

Step 1Add AVCHD Movies to ShowBiz Storyboard

There're flexible accesses to add AVCHD videos to ShowBiz such as import from media devices, drag from local folders, capture by computer webcam. Then you can drag AVCHD footages to storyboard for further edit.

Make AVCHD Disc

Step 2Build up a Menu for AVCHD disc in ShowBiz

In ShowBiz you can select from a full supply of templates to create still/animated menus for AVCHD movies. Utilizing main menu and chapter thumbnails you and your audience can easily start movie from any part. Also you can adopt different buttons, layouts, frame for chapter thumbnail in different types.

Make AVCHD Disc

Step 3Decorate with Wonderful Slideshow

To make your AVCHD on disc more advanced than others', ShowBiz especially prepares a secret weapon: the picture slideshow. You can capture remarkable frames from whole video and edit them into a slideshow to give your audience a preview. Or to add extra decorate photos to bring out creativity in AVCHD movies.

Make AVCHD Disc

Tips: To edit a slideshow you needn't go back to editing board, all you need is to add and change photos below previewing window.

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