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Add Music to Windows Movie Maker

How to Add Music to Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a small footprint video editing application. It's totally free and easy-to-use, and suitable for entry-level home movie creation/processing. You can add music/audio to Movie Maker in order to adorn your movies. Ready? Let's learn how to add music to Movie Maker together.

Note: Windows Movie Maker is Free and basic video making software. You can also add music to your video and make fantastic movies with advanced video editing software ArcSoft ShowBiz 5.

Add Background Music to Windows Movie Maker

Step 1Import videos

In the "Movie Tasks" navigation, choose Panel ->"Capture Video".

Add Music to Windows Movie Maker

Step 2 Import music

Move your mouse on "Import audio or music" option and click it. The software will open a file folder window for you to browse. Find audio/music you want to add and hit it. Then click "Import" button in the window. Now your eager music is in "Audio Collections".

Tips: Windows Movie Maker only supports inputting audio formats: WAV, SND, AU, AIF, AIFC, AIFF, besides Windows Media files and MP3(For PC: Decoder and Encoder by system codec For Mobile: Decoder by system codec) files.

Step 3 Add music

Drag the music or audio from collection browser to video editing area below. Drop it on the video clip where you want to add polish; the audio will be well located in "Audio/Music" timeline window.

Add Music to Windows Movie Maker

Tips: As long as you drop the audio/music onto video clips, the background music's starting point is fixed.

Step 4 Adjust music

Adjust music ending by move the curse on "Audio/Music" timeline; there is a short red two-way arrow to show where to end. You can adjust the end point once and again as you like. But remember to keep an eye that your music s when the whole movie is over. Otherwise, the music will go on playing even the movie has finished.

Add Music to Videos

Step 5 Further adjustments

Right-click on the music clip to do some further adjustment. The pop-up menu offers you to regulate volume, mix audio, etc. Choose the options according to your needs.

Now your movie has wonderful background music decorated. Press "Play" button on the previewing window on the right. You can drag the long blue line in timeline window to decide where to begin playing back. Enjoy your movie maker trip!

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