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Add Titles and Credits to Windows Movie Maker

How to Add Titles and Credits to Windows Movie Maker

When watching movies, you must feel that a complete title at the beginning with a sincere credit at the end improves a movie a lot. The movie seems to be more carefully organized with these accessories. Want to make such a movie by yourself? Windows Movie Maker allows you to add titles, subtitles, credits freely to movies. Follow our steps to learn.

Note: Windows (Live) Movie Maker is basic video making software. You can also create stunning movies with advanced video editing software ArcSoft ShowBiz 5, which is a powerful video editor for Windows with DVD and Blu-ray authoring.

Add Titles and Credits to Windows Movie Maker

Step 1Import movies you need to edit into collection window

Drag movie files to add titles down to Windows Movie Maker interface. Drop it in collection window to create a new collection. Otherwise, you can choose "Movie Tasks"-> "Capture Video"-> "Import video" to add your movies. Then drag movie files to edit area below.

Step 2 Open "Titles and Credits" dialog box

Move your curse to tool bar of Windows Movie Maker on the top. Choose "Tools" -> "Titles and Creditss" to enter title/credits adding window.

add title to movies

Step 3 Select an option you want to add

The Movie Maker offers titles at the beginning of movie, titles before selected clip, titles on selected clip, titles after selected clip, and credits at the end. Choose one of them and hit your current video clip once. Click "Cancel" to go back to task's or collection's panels.

add title to Video

Step 4 Enter texts to edit titles and credits

Once you've decided option, the next is to enter text for title. There will be a blank form, and you need to enter a name for the whole text on the first line. Add words in and check effects through previewing window on the right. You can adjust the text again and again.

Add Title to Videos

Step 5 Fix title animation and text font, text color

Each title adding option will lead to similar dialog windows, which own the same More options on the below. You're allowed to choose whether to change title animations, text font and colors.

For example, select "Change the title animation", it lists plenty of animation names and descriptions. Choose the last one in "Titles: two line": "Newspaper". Press "play" in previewing window, you will see a piece of newspaper moving to you rapidly with rotating itself.

Step 6 Finish your movie editing

After adding and adjusting texts, press "Done, add title to movie" and preview your work. Move to editing board, say Storyboard or Timeline, right-click on the blue timeline indicator to play back your movie.

You can also add some nice background songs to the beginning and the end clips, if you've add them to the video.

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