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Add transitions to Windows Movie Maker

How to Add Transitions to Windows Movie Maker Videos

You can add a transition to video, in order to change the way from one video clip to anther when playing back. Windows Movie Maker is equipped with a rich set of transitions. Add varied transitions to your home movie then. Your families and friends will be amazed by your excellent editing ability. Follow our step-by-step guide to learn.

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Add Transitions to Windows Movie Maker Videos

Step 1Import videos to Windows Movie Maker

Choose "Tasks" on top toolbar. On the left there shows up "Movie Tasks". Move your mouse onto Import video and click it. Find video files you want to add special transitions in the file folder. Repeat the step until all your videos are input.

Add transitions to Windows Movie Maker

Step 2Edit video clips on Storyboard

You may need to create, fix, cut, paste, and adjust video clips before adding transitions. All of these can be finished on "Storyboard". Take a look at editing area below collection and preview window. "Show Storyboard/Show Timeline" button is alternative. Click it to change edit mode. Afterwards, drag and drop clips there for editing.

Add transitions to Windows Movie Maker

Step 3Preview transitions in collection window

Your current collection window shows video clip group.Navigation "Collections"-> "Video transitions" to preview transitions' types and effects. Choose one of the transitions and hit "play". You're enabled to preview how it works and decide whether to apply it.

Step 4Add transitions to video clips

Move mouse to "Show Storyboard/Show Timeline" button. Choose "Show Timeline" mode. Drag the certain transition from collection window and drop it onto small square box between two video clips according to your needs.

Add transitions to Windows Movie Maker

Step 5Change and delete an added transition

It's easy to change one transition by another. Drag the transition you want and overlap the former one. You can right click on a transition in the box and choose "delete" to remove it.

Now your movie has been decorated with remarkable transitions. They are more wonderful and fine-designed than before.

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