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Add Video Effects to Windows Movie Maker

How to Add Video Effects to Windows Movie Maker

Even Windows Movie Maker is definitely an easy-to-use and entry-level movie editor; it still gives users some power to add video effects to movies. Want to make your home movie different? Follow the guides to know more about Movie Maker effects and use the effects freely.

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Add Movie Maker Effects with Windows Movie Maker

Step 1Import video/picture

In the "Movie Tasks" navigation, choose Panel -> "Capture Video". Import a video or an image in your computer. Choose "Import Video" or Import Picture according to your needs.

Add Video Effects to Windows Movie Maker

Step 2Add files

Drag and drop video clips and pictures you want to add effects to Storyboard or Timeline area. Arrange them by moving them into right order. The Storyboard and Timeline will not show at the same time. You need to hit one of them to change to the other.

Add Video Effects to Windows Movie Maker

Step 3View effects

Now your desired photos and video files are in the collection area in center. Navigation "Collections", choose "Video Effects" collection. Videos and images are replaced by abundant effects. You can preview effects by clicking on one and previewing in the right window. Drag the line between collection area and previewing window to adjust for editing.

Add Video Effects to Windows Movie Maker

Step 4Add effects

You can add a special effect to a clip by dragging and dropping effect to the clip. Or you may right click on the clip instead. Choose "Video Effects" with a star in front of it. The clips with a special effect will have the same star-shaped indication.

Step 5Photo effects

For photo effects adding, now you've finished. If you are adding effects to videos, plays back the modified video and check your creation. It's OK if you donnt like the effect applying on the certain video. Choose video effects mentioned in last step, remove the effect and add another one.

Now your home movies and pictures are totally out of ordinary, right? Congratulations to you!

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