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Cut movie clips in Windows Movie Maker

How to cut video clips in Windows Movie Maker

As a widely-used video editing program, Windows Movie Maker enables users to do basic video and movie editing/creation at will. You can cut video clips, capture a frame, and create a few of small clips on the basis of videos/movies input. Following guides will lead you to cut video clips with Windows Movie Maker with no hassle.

Note: Compared to Windows Movie Maker, you can apply professional video editing software ArcSoft ShowBiz 5 to cut, merge, combine, and rotate videos etc. or edit with advanced video, image, and audio tools before sharing them online or on DVD and Blu-ray.

Cut Video Clips in Windows Movie Maker

Step 1Capture video panel

Select "Movie Tasks" navigation; choose Panel -> "Capture Video". You can click top bar to show or hide the navigation.

Cut movie clips in Windows Movie Maker

Step 2Load videos

Hit "Import Video" to load video files and movies you need to cut/trim. You can refer to " How to add music to Windows Movie Maker" to add video files. Afterwards, your desired videos are laid in collection area.

Step 3Select collections

Toolbar-> "Collections". Left panel groups are changed into collection navigation. Move your mouse on collection folders to select one. Your newly added video file will be automatically defined as a new collection named by the video.

Cut movie clips in Windows Movie Maker

Step 4Edit with Storyboard

Drag movies to storyboard below the collection window. There're two small magnifier-shaped icons near button "storyboard". They're used to pan and zoom video clips shown in this area.

Cut movie clips in Windows Movie Maker

Step 5Select collections

Right-click on movies and choose "Play Timeline" option. Your movie plays back from the location of timeline, which is indicated as a blue straight line. Focus on the movie player window as the movie playing, and hit the /cut-movie-clips-on-WMM-icon.jpg button below window to cut movie at current frame. Your video will be separated at the frame into two video clips.

Step 6Adjustments

New video clips can be cut into smaller pieces if you want to, just repeat step5. You can also rearrange them by dragging and dropping videos on "storyboard".

A wonderful home movie needs your careful editing and arrangement. With Windows Movie Maker you can easily cut and trim your video clips/movies. You can refer to other related articles for further editing tips.

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