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Add picture in picture effects

Add Picture in Picture Effects to Home Videos with ShowBiz

Imagine you've collected DV tapes for an extraordinary wonderful football match. Now you must be eager to make a video to record the whole process while capturing each gorgeous moment. What you need is a video editor that enables you to create picture in picture, in order to show the whole scene and focus on hot game points at the same time.

Where I can find such a program? The answer is: ArcSoft ShowBiz. The video editing software is capable enough to inset another smaller picture or video clip to original movie. In addition, it's handy to set animation effects for inserted clips.

To improve your video quality, ShowBiz adds fresh new picture-in-picture function. Here is a three-step tutorial below.

Step 1Load Original Video and Picture-in-Picture Video

Search through file folder panel on the left for both original videos and clips that are used to inset video/picture. Drag all of video and photos to Timeline and drop them onto different tracks.

Add picture in picture effects

Step 2Rearrange Inserted Clip with ShowBiz Tools

Move to the inset window with a white frame around it in previewing window. Adjust the frame to set size and shape for picture-in-picture. Click on the small window and drag it, you can change its location on the screen.

Add picture in picture effects

Step 3Add Animation Effects for Picture in Picture

Now it's time to add some animation effects to picture in picture. Double-click on inserted video track to open picture in picture editing box. Abundant& flexible settings, options, and animation effect templates will definitely make you overjoyed.

Add picture in picture effects

Tips: You'll see a yellow curve in previewing window in this step. Drag it freely to set movement orbit for picture in picture.

Your remarkable home video with great picture in picture effects now is done! Show it to your friends, share on line, play back it on TV… ShowBiz offers all-in-one exporting solution for you. It is always beyond your needs.

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