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Add subtitles to Movies

How to Add Subtitles to a Movie Using ShowBiz 5

Subtitles are applied in television and movie programs as captions and explanations. They're often showed on the bottom of the screen. To make home movies on Windows, Adding subtitles to movies is necessary. Windows Movie Maker doesn't support subtitles at all, while ArcSoft ShowBiz handles them well enough.

With strong capability for subtitles adding and enhancement, ShowBiz enables you to match your movie with downloaded subtitle file, say .srt files; or you can create a subtitle file by yourself. Then drag subtitle file to title track.Following steps will lead you to add subtitles to home movies.

Add Subtitles to Movies Using Movie Editor in Windows

Powerful Windows movie editor – ArcSoft ShowBiz has multi-track editing tools, including title track editing ones.

Step 1Search a subtitle file or create one by yourself

The simplest subtitle file is .srt. You can make one using notepad tool in Windows system. And some online resource libraries also offer you the access to download movie subtitles, especially commercial films. Advanced subtitle files such as .idx and .sub also approves video explanation.

Step 2Add movie to timeline

Use "Timeline" mode to fix captions. You can select "add title track", by the use of a plus-shaped button on top-left. Then drag subtitle files directly to title track.

You're free to change text styles of subtitles. It means you can fix subtitles with different sizes, colors, typefaces, and the like. You're enabled to drag the text box everywhere on screen to change subtitle location, too.

Add subtitles to Movies

Step 3Preview and export movies

Hit the big button under the previewing window to play the video. Check if your added subtitles are properly matched with movie. Repeat Step.2 to do some modify. Press "FINISH" to save or share.


Add subtitles to Movies


Add subtitles to Movies

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