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How to Edit Stunning M4V Movies with M4V Editor

iTunes Store is well-know especially in Apple users. M4V is a file container format developed and broadly used by iTunes Store. It is much more closed to MP4 format which can be edited with MP4 editor. It is much more closed to MP4 format which can be edited with MP4 editor

There're many M4V video editing software used to edit M4V, while the leader among them is ArcSoft ShowBiz editing software. Now you can learn how to use the powerful M4V editor to process your .m4v home movies.

Edit M4V Movies with M4V Editor in Windows

Step 1Transfer your M4V movie files to computer

Connect media devices with your PC, and launch ShowBiz. In the pop-up dialog box, choose "Import All" to transfer to computer, or "Ignore" to cancel transportation. Drag M4V clips onto storyboard.

Step 2Edit M4V movies with ShowBiz editing tools

Edit M4V Clip: Drag M4V clips onto storyboard, and right-click on the clip to open up option menu. Choose what you want to do with the movie and choose "Advanced Editing" if you need further trimming and decoration. Use above previewing window to see editing effects.

M4V Editor

Add More Tracks: Change editing mode to "Timeline" by the use of slider below previewing window. The first track is your original M4V movie file. You can drag another audio clip or music file to audio track to mix or add audio effects. And also you're enabled to edit chapter marks and the like to M4V files.

M4V Editor

Step 3Finish editing and export files

When editing is done, press "FINISH" at bottom. If you're in "Advanced Editing" mode, first press "Back" on top-left and then hit "FINISH".

M4V Editor

ShowBiz has four main exporting solutions covering media devices, local storage, online distribution and DVD/Blu-ray disc burning.

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