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Edit Brilliant MKV Videos with ArcSoft ShowBiz

Recently when we search for our favorite movies on line, a video format ".mkv" comes onto the scene. What on earth is a MKV video? And why it stands out as a future popular video format nowadays? Can we play back and even edit .mkv files as we used to do with other videos? This copy will find all of these answers for you.

The MKV video is one of the Matroska media files, which are all multimedia container format, and it contains many different video, audio, subtitle tracks into one file and so that it can play back movie with music and texts as an integrated unit.

This format has the advantage of its compatibility, because it supports multiple tracks as we mentioned above and contains audio/ video/ subtitle with totally different codes. Some formats that are in competitive relationship are cooperating well in the container. Besides, an .mkv file can be played back smoothly even if it is uncompleted. That does great convenience to those guys who like to download movies from Internet.

To play back MVK movies is easy, while to edit it requires a good MKV editor. ArcSoft ShowBiz is the one that can absolutely handle MKV files, thanks to its advanced multi-track editing tools.

Here is a brief tutorial for you to edit .mkv videos with ArcSoft ShowBiz 5.

Step 1Import videos to MKV editor

Launch ShowBiz and drag .mkv files to the lower part of the interface. Considering the format property, you can edit .mkv files in "Timeline" mode. There you will see several shown tracks and you can add more if you like.

MKV Editor

Step 2Add audios/subtitles to edit MKV

Hit the button in a shape of plus on left panel. With it you are free to decide whether to show a track or not. Drag and drop audios and subtitles to their corresponding tracks, with some fine adjustment if you need.

MKV Editor

Step 3Add audios/subtitles to edit MKV

Your videos can be saved as common video formats like AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, etc. Or you can choose to export them to some media devices like PSP, iPod, and even game consoles. During the whole process none of your file tracks will lose, and ShowBiz always try its best to keep your videos in the highest quality it can be.

MKV Editor

Now you've created a brilliant MKV video file with ArcSoft ShowBiz. They feature in good image and sound effects, as well as legible subtitles. Your friends are able to download them in part and watch it smoothly. Amazing? Excited? Then tell your friends about the MKV and its editor – ShowBiz.

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