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How to Make MP4 Videos with MP4 Editing Software

MP4 format is a video and audio format that can keep high image and sound quality. The MP4 files are supported by MP4 players, Archos, as well as many popular and diverse devices and can be easily fixed by MP4 editor. However, they are a little space-consuming in order to ensure good performance.

Considering the increasing importance of MP4, you must be eager to learn how to edit MP4 video now. ArcSoft ShowBiz can handle all kinds of MP4 files with no trouble and varied demands. Follow the tutorials to learn.

How to Edit MP4 Files Using MP4 Editor

Step 1Install and Run ShowBiz to import MP4 files.

You can select "ArcSoft ShowBiz" to launch the application. Choose "Computer" on left panel and add MP4 files to storyboard.

MP4 Editor

Step 2Now you can edit your MP4 files with rich editing tools

Below the previewing window, in which you can preview, playback, and capture frames, a slider is designed there to switch editing modes between "Storyboard" and "Timeline".

MP4 Editor

Step 3All-featured MP4 editor ShowBiz makes exporting MP4 files a child's play

Choose AVI, MOV, etc, to save, or select a lower definition option; furthermore, share MP4 videos online with your friends to YouTube and Facebook; transfer them to PSPs, PDAs; or create a DVD, Blu-ray disc for permanently storage.

MP4 Editor


In the mode showed in picture above, itts convenient to set changeable volume for each part of audio by dragging the yellow curve. And the bold blue sliders are used to trim audio clips.

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