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How to Edit TS Videos with TS Video Editing Program

You must have seen many files with an extension name of ".ts". TS means "MPEG transport stream", it's a standard media file format used to transmit and save video, audio, other related data. They're usually created/ captured by HD camcorders and can be edited by TS editor ShowBiz. And TS files are more stable than VOB files (edited by VOB editors), and more available to agree with television programs.

To edit TS format video you need fully-functioned video editing software – ArcSoft ShowBiz. Try the program to edit movie once, and you'll absolutely fall in love with it.

Tips: MPEG transport stream is an extremely stable format and even there're many mistakes in its storage system, it can work as usual. This is called as high fault-tolerate rate.

Edit TS Videos with Powerful TS Video Editor

Step 1Import TS Videos to ShowBiz

Input .ts videos to ShowBiz editor. You can transfer your home videos in TS format from DV to computers and open them in ShowBiz, or directly import them from DV to ShowBiz. Choose "Computer" to find files on local machine, and select "Import" to upload files from removable devices.

TS Editor

Step 2Choose Modes to Edit TS Files

To choose which mode to edit is based on your needs. There's a slider for you to switch editing modes between "Timeline" and "Storyboard". Choose an element you want to insert into TS video clips. ShowBiz's elegant design will never let you failed in personalizing your TS movies.

TS Editor

Tips:In "Storyboard" area you can move curse to decide the movie clip length shown in editing tracks.

TS Editor

Step 3Done! Here Comes Your TS Videos

Hit the big icon "FINISH" at the bottom to end up TS video editing process. You can go back to edit with edit icon on top of saving and sharing window ts videos can be well shown to your favorite websites local portable media devices dvd blu-ray discs

TS Editor

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