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Enhance Files with Video Editing Software

How to Enhance Files with Video Editing Software

Would you like to give your plain old home videos and photos that extra touch that makes them something special? Why not create polished videos and slideshows to show off instead of keeping your videos and photos on a memory card or on your computer? Once you finish making a great video, you can share it with others in a variety of ways including on Facebook. Your friends will be amazed at your extraordinarily delightful works. Get professional looking results even though the steps of improving your photos, videos and audio are really easy. Try the video editing software ArcSoft ShowBiz using the following guide.

Step 1Import media files to the program in Windows

Open ArcSoft ShowBiz, and use the navigation import panel to load media files. Press the button "Import" to load local files. It handles pictures, videos, and audio without hassle.

Import your files to create videos

Step 2Enter "Advanced Edit" by right-clicking on the media clip you want to enhance.

· Enhance Photos with 'Advanced Edit'

There're six basic settings: rotate, reverse, crop, auto adjustment, straighten, pan and zoom. And color correction is another valuable-function. For example, you can fix white balance, temperature, hue, and so on.

Photo editing in video editing software

· Enhance Videos with 'Advanced Edit'

ShowBiz will quickly cut movies into small clips and split them upin the track below the preview window. In addition to some settings similar to photo editing, the software offers anti-shake, de-noise and trim tools specific to videos.

Video editing in video editing software

· Enhance audio with 'Advanced Edit'

Audio editing is simple. Click the check box and set options as desired. You can adjust fade in, fade out, playback speed, output volume, and speed multiplier.

Audio editing in video editing software

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