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How to Edit WMV files with ShowBiz Editor

Windows Media Video is called "WMV" for short. It's a compressing video and audio format produced by Microsoft. WMV have a great advantage: consumes much little space when having the same quality with other video files. As a result, WMV videos are very suitable to be transported online and WMV movie editor are widely used.

Edit WMV files to save, share, transfer is a good idea. You may firstly think about Windows (Live) Movie Maker. But when you've tried WMV editor ArcSoft ShowBiz once, with its options of sharing your WMV videos to websites, or transferring to media devices, you'll not consider other media editing software any more. Refer to the tips below and have a try.

Edit WMV Videos Using WMV Editing Software ShowBiz

Step 1Input WMV Videos

Launch ShowBiz and import WMV videos from both plug-in storages and local computer files. Use importing panel to find videos you need. Drag-and-drop is available.

WMV  Editor

Step 2Edit WMV Movies

Two Editing Modes: Add WMV movies to editing area. Storyboard gathers tools to add effects, transitions, texts, etc. Timeline then supports title tracks, video tracks, and audio tracks. As WMV files support multi-track, Timeline mode is highly suggested.

WMV Editor

Advanced Tools: Right-click on a WMV clip and adjust the settings. Each video clip in basic editing window will be split into smaller pieces in this mode. You're free to trim the pieces or set color, pan and zoom, reverse parameters.

WMV Editor

Step 3Output Files as You Like

You're allowed to share your WMV movies with your friends to YouTube and Facebook. ShowBiz can preserve your website accounts and upload videos directly if you would like to. Other outputting solutions, such as file saving, disc burning and devices transporting are good choices, too.

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