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The Easiest Way to Speed up Your Videos

During video post-production, you're trying to put an 11-minute video clip into a tape which has only 4-minute space left? And it's too anxious to play back a snatch of immutable and frozen car journey at normal speed? Cut through the garbage by speeding up videos!

The key to making video speed faster is ArcSoft ShowBiz. The program employs flexible play-back speed setting tools, lending you a hand in making wonderful home videos.

The Easiest Way to Speed up Your Videos

Step 1Input Video Clips to ShowBiz

Click "Computer" to go through the file folder. Find your desired videos and drag them to timeline below.

Step 2Accelerate Video Speed

1. Play back video in previewing window and press "Play/Stop" when it comes where you want to speed up. Make one mark for this part at its beginning and another at the end.

Add picture in picture effects

2. Move timeline indicator to the two marks and choose "Split" respectively, by right-click on the marked frame. Then click "Set playback speed" and make your video faster.

Add picture in picture effects

Step 3Preview Your Videos

Play back your video again to check the speeding up effect. You can control the whole duration by keeping an eye at the staff gauge above timeline.

Add picture in picture effects

Tips: ShowBiz also allows you to slow down some parts of videos at lowest 20% of original speed. It works especially when you need to accentuate some frames.

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