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Merge Video in Windows Movie Maker

How to Merge Video in Windows Movie Maker

If you have many small video clips to edit, you may want to combine them into one bigger video. Or you have a set of videos to fix, add transitions, then you can edit them with transitions into one complete movie. Windows Movie Maker enables you to do all of this: merge and combine videos.

Combine and Merge Video in Windows Movie Maker

Part 1Merge videos in Windows Movie Maker

Step 1: Input video clips you want to combine

Navigation "Movie Tasks"-> "Capture Video", go to "Import video" option to upload video files.

Step 2: Move videos to editing area

There are two modes to fix video clips: Storyboard and Timeline. You can switch them via press "Show Storyboard/Show Timeline" button. Whatever you choose, drag video clips from collection window to editing area. Pay attention to their orders. When you drag Clip B into editing area after Clip A, the two clips are merged automatically in Windows Movie Maker.

Merge Video in Windows Movie Maker

Step 3: Add some transitions

You can even add some wonderful transitions between two video clips you've merged.

Part 2Combine videos in Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie maker only allow you to combine continuous video clips. It means you have some video clips which are once a whole video. They are separated then and only thus you can combine them again.

Merge Video in Windows Movie Maker

In this case, you even don't need to use editing area. Import videos as the last part->step 1 guides. Then choose all continuous videos with pressing "Control" Key on keyboard.

Merge Video in Windows Movie Maker

Remember to import or rearrange these clips in collection window into right order. Then right-click on files selected, choose "Combine" option on pop-up menu. They become one video afterwards.

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