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Upload Windows Movie Maker Videos to YouTube

How to Add/Upload Windows Movie Maker Videos to YouTube

It's quite popular to share videos/movies with people on YouTube website. People can learn, relax, enjoy, exchange and communicate via the world biggest video sharing platform. Microsoft offers a free program Windows Movie Maker to edit home movies quickly and easily. Here're tutorials to add videos to YouTube with Windows Movie Maker.

Add Windows Movie Maker Videos to YouTube

Before you edit a video clip for YouTube uploading, learn some rules of YouTube.

First, YouTube accepts files with FLV, WMV, MPEG4, MOV, AVI and MPEG formats.

And, there's a limitation of file size: 100 MB.

Moreover, you should cut your video clips within 10 minutes length, or you cannot upload and share them successfully.

As a result, videos edited by Movie Maker are more suitable for YouTube.

Step 1Import videos

Launch Windows Movie Maker. Navigation "Movie Tasks"-> Panel "Capture Video". Choose "Import" video to load movies for sharing. Find video you want and click "Import".

Step 2Editing modes

Edit video files in editing window below. Simply drag clips down to editing area, edit them in "Show Storyboard" or "Show Timeline" mode as you need. You can cut, split, copy, paste videos and furthermore, add special effects, transitions and title overlays to each clip.

Upload Windows Movie Maker Videos to YouTube

Step 3Save videos

If you have finished video fixing, it's time to save your movie to share with others. Change to "Movie Tasks" again, move to "Finish Movie" panel. Click "Save to my computer". A similar and more wonderful editing tool ArcSoft ShowBiz supports uploading to YouTube directly.

Upload Windows Movie Maker Videos to YouTube

Tips:Remember not to save project through top toolbar. It will result .MSWMM file which isn't a video/movie format.

Step 4Choose video settings

On click of "Save to my computer", Windows Movie Maker pops up a box for you to finish video saving. It is recommended to save files on desktop, in convenience of following operations. Press "Next" for more settings.

Upload Windows Movie Maker Videos to YouTube

Step 5Video for broadband

As your file is used to share on line, the first choice "Best quality for playback on my computer" is not so wise. If you cannot see other setting options, click Show more choicess1 below the first one. Choose "Other settings" as "Video for broadband (512 kbps)" as long as your file size is smaller than 100 MB. And then press "next".

Upload Windows Movie Maker Videos to YouTube

Tips:On right bottom there shows the size of your video file. You can choose Best fit to file sizee to adjust file.

Step 6Upload your video

Now your video for YouTube is created. Open YouTube website, and launch your account. Press "Upload" and choose the video saved on desktop to share.

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