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Convert VOB to MKV

Learn how to Convert VOB videos to MKV

Videos contained in the DVD-video discs are mostly available in VOB format that consist of Dolby Digital audio. Often you may like to play your VOB videos in your iPhone or any other similar device but since it does not support the format, you are compelled to part ways with your craved video with a heavy heart. Thanks to the ArcSoft MediaConverter, you can now comfortably accomplish your wish and go ahead with the process to convert VOB to MKV without any problem.

In order to convert VOB to MKV, you need to follow few simple steps as given below:

Step 1Select VOB file

To start with, on the left side of the software panel, look out for "Video" icon and click it to select the VOB video that you want to convert to MKV format.

Convert VOB to MKV

Step 2Edit the video

If you want to edit the selected video, so that you can get the resultant MOV file in the customized form as per your wish, click /asf-converter-edit-icon.png to get the video editor screen. Consequently, you will be witness to many options regarding the video modification and can make changes accordingly.

Convert VOB to MKV

Step 3Choose MKV as the Output Format

Select MKV format as the output source. For this, click the Convert VOB to MKV button and type MKV in the search bar on the top right of the dialog box. Alternatively, you can also click the dropdown to select "All Hard drives and Format" and look out for MKV.

Convert VOB to MKV

Step 4Start to Convert VOB to MKV

Click "Start" button and start converting the file from VOB to MKV with the help of ArcSoft MediaConverter. To indicate the completion of process, you can select one of the three options that include the choice to play alarm, hibernate and application shutdown.

Convert VOB to MKV

Note: If you want to change the video output format then you can do so as well by clicking the Convert VOB to MKV button at the bottom of the right panel.

Convert VOB to MKV

If you want to create a new video output settings of your own can you can do it by clicking New Profile button. Here you can give a personalized touch to all the Video, Audio and H.264 settings to your file so as to get it in your desired form. After making required customizations, save the settings giving it a new Profile Name and you are well on your way to enjoy the video in the preferred MKV format.

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