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Convert VOB to MP4

How to Convert a VOB File to MP4 Format

There might be certain appealing videos that you see in your DVD player and you want the same in your iPhone as well. Earlier you may have found it hard to perform such a task, but with the latest media converters in the market, the process to convert a file from VOB to MP4 has now become much easier than said. It is indeed great to enjoy your favorite movies in entirety or in parts with the help of these conversion software, of all them, ArcSoft MediaConverter is considered to be the most sought after.

Abiding by the basics, VOB is the Video Object file that allows you to contain audio and video files along with menu and subtitles in DVD-Video media. Whereas MP4 format helps you to enjoy the same videos or audio files in your mobile phone along with certain other devices. Hence, should you feel the necessity to convert files from VOB to MP4, this multimedia converter is best to satisfy your cause.

Steps on how to convert VOB to MP4

MediaConverter enables you to convert VOB to MP4 in few simple steps, before moving ahead, free download and install the program following the instructions.

Step 1Select the input file

On the left side of the software, click the Convert VOB to MP4 icon to select the VOB file that you want to convert to MP4. It is generally the DVD file with the extension of .VOB in parenthesis.

Convert VOB to MP4

Step 2Edit the settings if you like (optional)

After selecting your preferred VOB file, you can make desired changes by clicking on the Convert VOB to MP4 icon just below the selected video in the center panel of the software.

Convert VOB to MP4

Step 3Select the format in which you want to convert the VOB file

Next, you would require choosing the out format, which is MP4 in this case. For this, click the Convert VOB to MP4 button on the right hand side of the software interface.

Convert VOB to MP4

Step 4Start the conversion with the help of VOB to MP4 converter

The final move on your part would be to click the Convert VOB to MP4 button. If all the earlier steps have been performed perfectly, then you will get the resultant file in your desired MP4 format. Click the video thus converted to see the changes in real.

Convert VOB to MP4

Useful Tips:

  • To seek some extended help regarding the functioning of software for VOB to MP4 conversion, you can also explore the tips and FAQ's by clicking "Please click here for FAQs and How To tips." at the bottom of the center panel.
  • You can also customize the resolution or aspect ratio of the expected MP4 video by clicking the /convert-vob-to-mp4-settings-icon.png button and moving on to the "Video Output Format" drop down and the Resample option provided just below.

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