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Convert VOB to MPEG

How to Efficiently Finish VOB to MPEG Conversion

A VOB file is also known as Video Object file that acts as a container format in DVD video media. You will appreciate to know that VOB contains video, audio, subtitle, menu and navigation contents and based on the MPEG program stream format. At various occasions you love to have your audio and videos in the device that is not compatible to the VOB format. In such scenario, you may convert the file in universally compatible MPEG format very easily. This you can do with the help of very popular and technically ahead ArcSoft MediaConverter. The quality and clarity of the audio and video in both the formats is almost the same so you can enjoy your favorite tracks with more enthusiasm.

Easy-to-do steps VOB to MPEG Conversion Process

ArcSoft offers you an easy-to-use process to convert VOB to MPEG

conveniently and in no time.

Step 1Choosing the Input VOB File

1.Launch ArcSoft MediaConverter software.

2.To select the VOB input file, Click on "Video" on the left panel of the software below the label "Source".

3.Select the desired VOB file from the input box. This is the file you want to convert in the MPEG format.

Convert VOB to MPEG

Edit your preferences accordingly:

ArcSoft MediaConverter enables users to edit the preferences in the input file according to their own choice. The screenshot is a portion of the input file dialog box with Convert VOB to MPEG icon.

Click Convert VOB to MPEG icon to get another dialog box with a number of preferences to choose from.

Convert VOB to MPEG

Once decided with the preferences, click "OK".

Step 2Selecting the Output MPEG File Format

From the right top corner of the software, click on Convert VOB to MPEG icon to choose the output file format.

A window with title "Select Output" opens.

Now select MPEG from the thumbnail list of the file formats given in the dialog box.

Click on X to close the window if want to abort the operation.

Step 3Start the Final VOB to MPEG

Once you have selected both the input file (VOB) and (MPEG) from the software, you are ready to execute the conversion process.

1.To convert VOB file format into MPEG, click on "Start" button at the bottom right corner of the software.

2.A process bar starts running on the interface that shows the percentage of the task execution.

3.Meanwhile you may click on the "Pause" button to stop the process abruptly.

Let the execution process take its own time to finish. Once finished, a message will be displayed to convey you the message of accomplishment. Now you are ready to enjoy your favorite tracks and videos in MPEG format.

Let's rock!

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