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Convert WMV to AVI

How to Convert Videos between WMV and AVI on Windows

Developed by Microsoft, WMV (Windows Media Video) supports multiple codecs like DivX allowing you to compress video to play on WMP (Window Media Player). Audio Video Interleave (or AVI) is also a format that came into existence with the efforts of Microsoft, both of them are the most common forms of audio and video on PC. With using a video converter program, users can easily transfer the media stored in a WMV file to an AVI file.

The newly upgraded MediaConverter is an application- friendly media file converting and editing software, before the conversion, free download it and then install the program following the on-screen instructions.


Though it can be act as a perfect AVI to WMV converter, in this article, we will describe its usability as converting WMV to AVI in three simple steps.

Step 1 Add the WMV files

Launch MediaConverter, and add the concerned WMV file from the source panel by clicking on the "Video" tab on the left. You can also drag the input file into the manager list.

Convert WMV to AVI Video

Step 2 Choose the AVI format as the output file

Click on "Select Output" on the right and choose the "Format-Saved to Hard Drive" option to select the AVI format in which you want the WMV file to be converted from among H264 AVI, MPEG AVI or MJPEG encoded AVI. Click on "Done" button.


Step 3 Convert the file

Click on "Start" button on the bottom to initiate the conversion process. You can also choose your desired option to acknowledge the procedure's completion after clicking on the arrow next to "Start" button. A progress bar will track the conversion progress, and indicate when it's complete.

Convert WMV to AVI

Test the AVI video by clicking the thumbnail on the progress bar once the conversion has completed.

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