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Convert WMV to MP4

How to Convert WMV Videos to MP4 Files with Lossless Quality

The MP4 video format has become very popular use for watching movies on PC or MP4 player, and it's very common as most video uploading sites like YouTube, Google Video support MP4 uploads. The conversion of multimedia files from WMV to MP4 (MPEG-4) can be carried out by using numerous converters, but preserving the original quality is not easy, especially for several free programs.

ArcSoft MediaConverter is among the most widely used owing to its rich and optimized features. The application adopts an easy to understand procedure to convert files from WMV to MP4 format. Well, before moving ahead, free download MediaConverter and install the program.

The procedure to convert WMV to MP4 using this software is a simple that helps you to obtain the file in your desired format comfortably. Though you can also use it to perform just reverse process that is to convert MP4 to WMV, but here, we would emphasize on its role as WMV to MP4 converter.

Step 1Import WMV files into MediaConverter

Launch the software and provide its input source panel with the WMV files that you want to convert to MP4, directly drag and drop the files to workspace or select "Video" and choose from the drop-down list.

wmv to mp4

Step 2 Edit the output file according to your preferences (optional)

Click the Convert WMV to MP4 icon to edit the imported file (the output file will change correspondingly), the editor provides some useful enhancements like Dynamic Lighting, Denoise, Color Adjustment, and allows you apply 9 video effects (Black & White, Sepia, Old Movie, Fish-Eye, Exposure, Sketch, Sharpen, Negative, Watercolor)

Convert WMV to MP4

Step 3 Choose MP4 as the output format

Next, click the /select-output-icon.png icon on the upper-right corner and choose the MP4 format in which you want the WMV file to be converted.

Convert wmv to mp4

Step 4 Start the WMV MP4 conversion

Click the Convert WMV to MP4 button to proceed ahead with the conversion. A status box displays the progress. When finished, you can find the target file through clicking the video title.

Convert wmv to mp4

Essential tips:

  • As you start the conversion process, it would be suggestive to choose your preferred mode to indicate the completion of the procedure. The software has the options to hibernate, play alarm, or completely shut down as soon as the WMV MP4 converter accomplishes its work.
  • It would be good to create the source and destination folders to save the files before and after conversion respectively.

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