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Convert YouTube Video to MPEG

How to Convert YouTube Video to MPEG File

ArcSoft MediaConverter could be of your much help when you want to convert YouTube Videos into MPEG file. Wonder how? Read it out. YouTube video files make the most of your quality time while surfing over the internet. Though there are many other streaming websites that allow you a bucket full of excitement but owing to the convincing database of videos YouTube owns, it definitely owns an upper hand over the rests. At times, it may happen that you like a video but cannot spend much time to see it online due to speed limitations or you want to see a video of one of your friends that he uploaded.

Hence, for all such and many more similar causes, the need for downloading becomes evident. But your work is not finished yet. Generally, the file you download from YouTube could be in MP4 or in any other format and it depends on your media player whether it is able to play the YouTube file or not otherwise, you would have to convert the video in MPEG or in any other desired format so that you can play it without hassles. Being a smart user, it would be a recommended option to use the ArcSoft MediaConverter to perform such a YouTube to MPEG conversion.

Using YouTube MPEG converter

The practice of converting videos from YouTube to MPEG with the help of this sophisticated software needs you to follow few simple steps. Once you are done successfully, you will definitely get to enjoy your craved videos in your preferred format.

Step 1Download YouTube videos and import them

Launch ArcSoft MediaConverter, and then visit YouTube website and play the video files you want to download. Click the "Download" button located at the top-left corner of the video. The YouTube videos will be imported to this software automatically.

Convert YouTube Video to MPEG

Step 2customize the video (optional)

If you want then you can also modify the videos thus selected by clicking the Convert YouTube Video to MPEG icon and moving on to the Video Editor window.

Convert YouTube Video to MPEG

Step 3Select MPEG as the output source.

The next thing you can do with your YouTube to MPEG converter is to select MPEG as the output source format.

Convert YouTube Video to MPEG

Step 4Start conversion

In the final step, you simply need to click the "start" button at the bottom of the workspace. Consequently, you will see the conversion process in the form of progress bar along with the percentage of video converter to the MPEG format.

Useful tips:

  • You can choose from among varied options such as to play the alarm, hibernate or application's shutdown s acknowledgement to the completion of YouTube to MPEG conversion.
  • For more information on the software's use, you can also navigate to its online support.

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