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ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre User Guide

  1. Open Media Files
  2. Playback Media Files
  3. Enable SimHD
  4. Customize Settings

ArcSoft MediaConverter Guide

Step 1Select your media files

Click the Open button located on the top left of the TotalMedia Theatre screen to select your media files. Choose Open Disc Folder... to play a disc.

TotalMedia Theatre Guide

Step 2Play video files

Click the Play icon to play your video file, using the bottom control panel for basic playback controls. Other tools for playback include the Smart Menu and Sub Control Panel. These two icons can be found on the right side of the bottom control panel.

TotalMedia Theatre Guide

Step 3 Enable SimHD

Enable SimHD by clicking the SimHD button on the top control panel. The quality of your standard definition movies will instantly upgrade to near-HD quality.

TotalMedia Theatre Guide

Step 4 Customize Settings

Click the Settings icon at right top of the screen. From this dialog box, you can choose the language for the user interface, customize playback, set parental controls, and more.

TotalMedia Theatre Guide

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