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How to Customize Playback Settings

How to Customize Playback Settings

If you use ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre to play your movies, you can set the movie playback options according to your needs.

Click the Settings MPEG Player icon located in the top menu bar, and the Settings dialog box will display.

MPEG Player

The Playback tab includes the following settings:

Auto Play: Check this box to play movies as soon as a disc is inserted.

Auto Full Screen: Check this box to automatically switch to full screen mode when you start playing movies.

Always disable Windows Aero during playback: This setting determines if Aero mode is disabled in all cases or only when needed. Some sysems (generally older or lower performance) offer better playback performance with Aero off. Some graphics platforms do not support Aero mode during 3D playback. Also, a user who prefers consistency in rendering may want to uncheck this to prevent same cases where Aero is enabled and others where it's disabled.

Automatic Refresh Rate Switching: This controls whether the application attempts to match the refresh rate of the display to match the refresh rate of the media being played. Matching can result in smoother playback for some media but may be more sensitive to the system delivering every frame precisely which may result in the exact opposite of the intended purpose. This feature may not be supported on some graphics platforms, and the state of the checkbox may be ignored for some cases where changing is not possible, or required (such as HDMI 1.4 3D).

Default Drive: If you have multiple disc drives, use the drop-down list to select a default drive. The program will play movies from this drive by default.

Auto-Resume: Select how you want the application to handle movie playback.

Resume from the last position - playback will start from where the movie was last stopped.

Play from the beginning - playback will start from the beginning of each movie.

Prompt user to select - you will be asked whether to resume playback from the last stopped point when a movie disc is inserted into the drive.

Note: Some discs (primarly BD-Java Blu-rays) do not support Auto-Resume and others include similar functionality built in to the disc navigation.

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