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How to Customize Settings

How to Customize Settings

A variety of setting controls are provided in TotalMedia Theatre that you can use to customize your software. To display the Settings dialog box, click the Settings icon, located in the top menu bar.

MPEG Player

The Settings dialog box contains the following tabs:

· General

· Playback

· BD-Java

· Region and Language

· Parental Control

· File Association

· Power Manager

· Information


If you want to change the user interface language of ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre from English to another language, you can go to the General settings tab. In the General settings tab, you can select a language for the user interface, display disc information, and choose a path to store captured images and bookmarks.

MPEG Player

The General tab includes the following settings:

UI Language: Choose the program language from the drop-down list.

Show disc information and last played: Check this option to display the thumbnail of the current disc in the drive and last played movie on the main screen.

Captured Images and Bookmarks Storage: Browse to the desired folder to save captured images and bookmarks.


If you use ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre to play movies, you can set the movie playback options in the Playback settings tab according to your needs. See How to Customize Playback Settings for more detailed information.


Use the BD-Java settings tab to access the Internet, set the font size, and choose the storage location for BD-Live downloadable content.

MPEG Player

The BD-Java tab includes:

Allow Access to Internet: Enables BD-Java features to access the Internet. If it is checked, the following options are available.

Certification: After inserting a Blu-ray disc, the program automatically detects whether the disc contains Internet certification. If there is no certification on the disc, you need to choose a certification strategy from these options: Always approve Internet access, Always refuse Internet access, and Confirm for every disc.

Font Size in the undefined BD-Java application: Set the font size for the BD-Java application.

BD-Live Download Storage: Enter the storage location for BD-Live downloadable content. You can also click the Change button to choose the storage location.

Region and Language

Use the Region and Language settings tab to set language options and change the region code for the player. See How to Change Region Code to get more information about changing region code.

Parental Control

Use the Parental Control settings tab to restrict specific movie levels and set a password. See How to Set Parental Control for more detailed information.

File Association

Select the types of media files ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre should open automatically. Check the All option to select all the media types.

MPEG Player

Power Manager

Use the Power Manager settings tab to display the current power management strategy. See How to Use Power Manager for more detailed information.


Use the Information settings tab to display detailed information of your current media, including many video and audio attributes such as media type and format, bitrate, frame rate, resolution, aspect ratio, language, sampling frequency, bits per sample, and more.

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