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How to Manage and Select Your Media Files in Media Manager

How to Manage and Select Your Media Files in Media Manager

In TotalMedia Theatre, you can use the embedded Media Manager to manage and select your media files. From the Media Manager, you can select and play movies, create playlists, watch and download online videos, and even share your own movies.

media manager


Allows you to quickly play a movie from your local computer. The application automatically loads thumbnails and information about the movie onto your computer. You can preview a movie by clicking once thumbnail without needing to find it first with Windows Explorer. Double-click the thumbnail to play the video full size.

media manager

Video: Click "+" to add your video file to the library.

Disc Folders: Click "+" to add disc folder to the library.

Movie Discs: Click to browse your movie discs in the library.

Snapshots: Click to browse your snapshots in the library.


Play all the media files shared over a network. All available UPnP server names are listed with Videos, Music and Photos sub-folders below them. Click the sub-folder to view the media thumbnails or preview them.


Select from the list, and choose which YouTube video you want to watch. You can also use Search function to search YouTube videos online.

media manager


Create your own playlists or edit them. Click the "+" button on the right side of the PLAYLISTS tab to create a new playlist. Right-click the title of a playlist to edit it. Click the "+" button on the right side of a playlist to add a new item into this playlist.

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