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How to Use Power Manager

How to Use Power Manager

If you choose to play movies with a portable device, such as your laptop, you can use ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre 5 to manage the device's power management. Use TotalMedia Theatre's Power Manager settings tab to display and manage the current power configuration.

Click the Settings manage power icon located in the top menu bar, and the Settings dialog box will display.

manage power

The Power Manager tab includes the following settings:

Power Status: The Power Status displays the power supply (AC Line or Battery) that your computer is currently using.

Power Strategy: Allows you to stop playback when the power falls below a certain percentage (3%-30%).

Warn me if battery life is less than XX%: Select this box to enable the battery power alert. When your battery power falls down to the specified percentage, a warning message displays.

Power Manage Mode: Select one of the following modes according to your needs.

Max Performance - Achieves the best performance and video quality during playback. This option consumes the most battery power.

Balance - Optimizes battery usage to leverage performance and power efficiency. This option may or may not have a significant effect on video quality.

Max Battery - Maximizes your battery life. This option may compromise video quality.

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