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How to Use Right-Click Menu

How to Use Right-Click Menu

In TotalMedia Theatre, you can use the Right-Click menu to easily access many useful functions and change various settings when you play a multimedia file.

right-click menu

Note: Some functions or settings will only be displayed when playing a certain unique media format, such as a DVD, Blu-ray disc, etc.

right-click menu

Titles: Allows you to select a specific title.

Chapters: Allows you to select a specific chapter.

Audio: Displays the available audio tracks for the current media.

Subtitle: Displays the available subtitles and subtitle files for the current media. Select the desired subtitle to enable it. Note: When a subtitle file with same file name as a video is located in the folder with a video file, ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre will load it automatically. For example, movie.mkv will load automatically if they are in the same folder.

Secondary Video: Enables Picture-in-Picture (PiP). This function is only available when playing discs with PiP function support.

Angle: Enables multiple views.

Closed Caption: Shows/hides the Closed Caption text.

Still Off (Continue): If the media playback is on hold, click this to continue the playback.

Repeat: Selects your favorite part of the media file or disc to repeat in a loop. Submenu functions include:

Off - No repeat.

Title Repeat - Repeats the title over and over.

Chapter Repeat - Repeats the current chapter of the media file.

AB Repeat - When watching a movie, drag A to set the movie start point and drag B to set the end point. Then you can loop the section in between.

Aspect Ratio: Chooses the most suitable ratio between width and height for the display screen.

Full Screen: Switches to full screen mode. Double-click the screen to restore it to windowed mode.

Information: Shows/hides the OSD information when playing a DVD or Blu-ray disc.

Always on Top: Always place the ArcSoft TotalMedia™ Theatre playing window in front of other windows.

Settings: Displays the Settings dialog box to allow you to customize specific settings.

Capture Image: Captures a still image from the current video screen and saves the captured image to the storage folder. Note: If the movie content is protected, the Capture function is disabled.

Extras: Provides ways for users to learn more about the application and other ArcSoft products. Submenu functions include:

Information Center - Displays the ArcSoft Information Center window for checking information on updates, upgrades and promotions.

Other ArcSoft Products - Takes you to ArcSoft's or a partner's website for more ArcSoft products.

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