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How to Use Shortcuts within the Application

How to Use Shortcuts within the Application

When you are playing a multimedia file with ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre, you can use keyboard shortcuts within the application to frequently used functions more quickly.

right-click menu

The following keyboard shortcuts are available:

Keys Description and Action
Enter In the menu, the Enter key acts either as the Active button or as the Play button.
Esc In full screen mode, it will resume playing in normal window mode.
SPACE Pause/Play
O Stop
Ctrl + Enter Resume
F Play forward
Page Up Previous Chapter
Page Down Next Chapter
Ctrl + "X" Exit
Ctrl + "O" Open the "Select Source" menu
E Eject/Insert disc
Ctrl + "S" Displays the Settings dialog box
Q Mute On/Off
Shift + Up Increase volume
Shift + Down Decrease volume
H Hide/Show Main Control Panel
F Show/Hide the Sub Control Panel
G Show the menu's buttons
F1 Help
Ctrl + "I" Opens the ArcSoft Information Center window
Ctrl + "A" Opens the "Effect and Utilities" menu
Ctrl + "N" Minimizes window
K Adds a bookmark
P Captures a picture
Ctrl + "R" A-B repeat
T Opens the title list
Ctrl + "C" Opens the chapter list
Ctrl + "U" Show/Hide Popup Menu (for Blu-ray Disc Playback)
Ctrl + "E" Show/Hide Effect Center
Ctrl + "J" Show/Hide Utilities window
G Change Angle
L Change (Primary) Audio Stream
S Changes Subtitles
Ctrl + "T" Jump to Title Menu
M Opens Right-Click menu
Ctrl + "M" Jumps to Root Menu
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