Low Light

Camera performance in low-light environments has already become one of the most important points a user pays attention to in a smartphone. ArcSoft Low-Light Technology provides users with a complete solution for low-light photo taking, video preview and low-light video recording.

When considering the capabilities of a target device’s hardware (such as CPU, ISP, sensors, etc.), ArcSoft works together with clients to discuss and adjust hardware technical specifications, as well as the pairing and optimization of suitable software algorithms in order to reach a perfect balance in terms of brightness, noise, color, details and other aspects of image quality as well as overall processing performance. This allow platforms with existing hardware to reach their full potential with the support of ArcSoft Low-Light Technology.

With regards to platform integrations, ArcSoft Low-Light Technology can process YUV color space or RAW data. It can be also optimized for CPU, GPU or DSP. Solutions can be discussed and decided according to the specific capabilities and overall user experience of the manufacturer’s hardware platform.

Real Time Noise Reduction
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