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More than 99% of all imaging and video content is flat, two-dimensional, and lacking in depth information. Stereoscopic Technologies enable a convergence of the electronic and the real world for a better user experience that feels more 'real'; and to provide many useful tools that benefit people's lives. For example our technology can detect, understand and analyze a person's natural gestural movements which allow users to control and interact with devices without physically touching them.

Many of ArcSoft's advanced technologies benefit from Stereoscopic, such as Face Technologies, Gesture Technologies, and Object & Scene Technologies.

Compared with the challenges of traditional 2D technology where it can be difficult to detect and separate a subject from the scene it is in, stereoscopic information informs the image or video in a fully realized, dynamic way. The user can do much more with this dimensional content. Because there are subtleties detected based on what the right camera and left camera perceives, our technologies analyze these perceptions in the context of the subject and the background in order for users to create highly accurate experiences using controlled body gestures.

Our extensive database and intellectual property library allow us to access greater information to create a better user experience using Stereoscopic Technology.

As imaging technology has become front and center in all the media we experience and is extraordinarily ever-present in the content we create and share on a daily basis, all devices will continue to become more intelligent. Users are equipped to be more creative and effective with their content, perceiving natural critical details of the human form in a still 3D environment as well as animated gesturing, in order to make more real life graphic representations than ever before.

Technology list: Sim3D Photo, Sim3D Video, Single-Cam 3D capture, 3D Panorama, Depth Restoration, 3D Gesture

Turn 2D images into 3D
3D Panorama
Seamlessly stitch photos into a panorama and view into 3D.