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Gesture Recognition Technology
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Users can use simple gestures to control or interact with devices without physically touching them. ArcSoft gesture technology supports single lens devices including HD cameras, as well as multiple lens devices and depth cameras. Through the use of depth cameras or multiple lens devices, depth can be analyzed in order to more accurately detect and support an even broader range of hand gestures.

Hand gesture technology makes users’ lives simpler, achieving “hands free” interaction through eliminating the need to hold or press the device. Applications for hand gesture technology include scrolling or shifting between screens on a tablet device with simple hand gestures, and changing the channel or adjusting the volume on a TV without the use of a remote. Users can even use hand gestures to browse through content while viewing images or videos on their computers or large-screen devices.

We have spent many years researching the human hand’s natural movements in order to perfect our gesture technology. In order to create a more satisfying user experience, we have also collected and analyzed large amounts of data so that common hand gestures can still be accurately detected under sub-optimal or poor conditions such as low-light, long distances, complex lighting conditions, etc.

Through the use of depth cameras, ArcSoft 3D hand gesture recognition technology can not only achieve 3D imaging of the human hand, but also recognize and track hand gestures. With accurate depth information provided by this technology, users are able to interact with machines in a more natural manner. Our 3D technology is used to naturally control TV and other smart home devices, while also providing natural interaction to VR and AR devices.

Key Words: Hand detection, fist detection, contact point detection, “V” hand sign recognition, pick-up / drop detection, hand-waving detection, hand gesture tracking, 3D hand gestures

Demo Pictures
Gesture Recognition Features:
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