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Low Light Technology
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ArcSoft Low-Light Shot Technology uses the characteristics and noise distribution of the image captured by various camera sensors under low-light condition and combines this with data from the platform’s ISP to optimize noise-reduction algorithms and parameters. This results in a high-brightness, low-noise, real-color, sharp image, similar in quality to one with ISO levels 2-3 stops lower.

In addition to image processing, ArcSoft Low-Light Shot Technology also provides high-performance algorithm solutions for videos, which can process 1080p, 30fps video in realtime on mainstream platforms, while remarkably improving the quality of video preview and recording in low-light environments.

Through close cooperation with partner hardware manufacturers, ArcSoft has been able to take advantage of their respective continuous high-speed image capture features (such as Qualcomm ZSL technology or MediaTek ZSD technology) to collect multiple RAW image frames at various exposures. When combined with ArcSoft Low-Light Shot Technology algorithms, not only does this result in a high-quality image, but the overall time to capture a photo is also drastically reduced, thus providing users with an extraordinary handheld shooting experience.

For high-end platforms, ArcSoft also provides customized top-grade night scene solutions built to accommodate RAW image formats. Platforms’ RAW image formats and camera modules are optimized to produce a better output than devices with similar hardware specifications using YUV format.

Algorithms used in ArcSoft Low-Light Shot Technology have been extensively optimized for some low to mid-range platforms. For high-end platforms, optimization can also be performed for integrated or independent DSPs. Specific solutions can be discussed and customized based on hardware platform capabilities and overall user experience design.

ArcSoft Low-Light Shot Technology is already widely used on smartphones, DSCs, TV, tablets, robots, smart home systems and other smart devices.

Low Light Features:
Demo Picture Clearer Image
Demo PicturePowerful Noise Reduction
Demo PictureHigh Performance
Demo PictureLow Power Consumption
Demo PictureLow Hardware Restrictions